Day 1 almost finished

Hello All - What a day Mike and I had! After traveling all night, we arrived in London at 9am ready to go. Deciding not to deal with our bags, we rented a car and took a wonderful country drive into Oxford. Mike did a great job with the left handed stick. He never even drove on the wrong side of the road, although he did try to enter the car through the passenger side. When we got to Oxford we quickly got our keys and found our flat. It is perfect. We will be posting some pictures soon. Our pad is actually bigger than we thought...except the bed. That is exactly how big we thought it was 6 x 4 feet. What a trip...but it is all part of the adventure. Mike and I decided to grab lunch after we got in and on our way we came across the Glouster Green which on Wednesdays hosts an outdoor market. It was wonderful. We were able to purchase a few move-in essentials. Moving to our college: The grounds of Worcester College are unbelievable. We can't wait to explore the entire city starting tomorrow. But we definitely will pledge our allegiance to our college. The afternoon was filled with unpacking and naps. And now we are reporting from our new home before we hit a pub for dinner and then CRASH! We are pooped. Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and love. More updates coming soon... Kel & Mike

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