Great entertainment: Blog Maverick

If you're not at least a recreational blog reader yet it's time to get tuned in. It's one thing to read books, research papers, articles, and novels but it's another thing to get into a person's daily mind. It's amazing how many great minds and not-so-great minds are blogging these days. Any subject, no subject, random, focused, blogs come in all shapes and sizes ... religion, technology, personal, travel experiences, they're all entertaining and some are even educational. One of my favorite blogs to read is Mark Cuban's. He's the owner of the Dallas Mavericks (an NBA basketball team) and a very outspoken chap. Check out one of his latest entries: Dont Blame Me - Im just a stupid shareholder - Blog Maverick - www.blogmaverick.com _ The Blog world is getting cluttered but so is amazon.com ... do some searches on your favorite subjects and I'm sure you'll find some great reading. PS I'd like to encouage some of you to start blogging ... do it once a week, once a month, if anything it's a great way to document your current thoughts and views. Cheers, Mike

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