Off to Nigeria - departure date: 3 July

Hey All –

Well, some of you have heard and some of you haven’t, Mike and I are moving to Nigeria. Lagos to be exact. “What??!” you say. Yes, it is true. A part of the MBA programme (that is how they spell it in England) is the SCP – Summer Consulting Project. The MBA Students get sent all over the world to work in teams of four for two months. Mike researched and we looked into many different opportunities and we finally landed on one in Nigeria. It is an incredible project. Mike will be working with Access Bank. We are really looking forward to it and we leave in two weeks!

It has been a fast year. Mike has completed all his classes, and now has three months until he graduates with his MBA (summer project and then a few weeks back here in Oxford for final exams and a few ceremonies). He will be in Nigeria for 8 weeks (3 July - 25 Aug) and I will stay there for 4 weeks (3 July - 1 Aug). Then I'll be heading home to celebrate with my sis, KK, her upcoming wedding is in October. I am really looking forward to catching up with many of you in Cali and mostly to spend some time with my sister doing all the fun wedding stuff I have missed in the last few months.

I won’t get sappy on the last year yet…I will wait until that update in September.

Hugs to you all! We would love to hear from you and hear how you are doing. And be sure to keep checking www.mcfaddenplace.com for the latest McFadden updates. I am a bit behind on the monthly updates, but that is because Mike has had to work on papers the last three weeks non-stop!


Kelly Marie McFadden

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