Hey – Just wanted to let you know that we made it to Lagos. The flight was uneventful, but that is the kind we like: A movie, a wonderful Nigerian chicken and rice dish, a nap and a few games of backgammon and we were there. When we arrived, there was a driver and car waiting for us and helping us navigate from the airport. It was an hour drive to Victoria Island. Since the work day in Nigeria is 8am to 8pm we actually were driving during rush hour. The roads were packed. Luckily we were driving against the traffic, so for the most part we had a non-congested ride. It was dark when we got in, not quite like the late light of England which stays bright until 10! So we were unable to see much of our surroundings. In certain areas there were quite a few people all along the sides of the roads. When we asked Tim (one of Mike’s classmates who is Nigerian) about this, he explained that it was people waiting to catch the buses home. Certain parts of the streets were lined with vendors, cars and people crowding and attempting to get food and get home. As we expected the driving here is not the organized system we are used to. It is every man for himself. If you want to move forward you find the open spot and take it before the person next to you does. Not a blinker, but two little honks lets you know that you are merging. The first thing we did once in Nigeria (besides navigating the streets) was get some food. When in Nigeria, do as the Nigegrians…we went for Chinese. Lijun, who is from China, was very pleased with this choice. And in fact, actually said it was just like home. It tasted just like home to me to. It was a great meal and a very nice restaurant. From there we headed to our new home. “The Guest House” is near where Mike and his team will be working. If you decide to come for a visit, to get in, you simply need to pull up to the gate and lay on your horn. If you do this, a man named Emmanuel will come out and open the gate for you. Emmanuel is our resident helper – he will be helping with all our basic needs while we are there – food, ironing, household upkeep, etc. Let me take you inside. Walk up a few steps and you are in our new home. To the left, is a kitchen – it has all your basic needs – fridge, freezer, sink, microwave. A kitchen. But the front door basically brings you into a large sitting room. It is bi-level. The main level has the dining table that looks more like a board room table, as it can seat probably 10-15 people easily. The lower of the split levels is the sitting room. It has a few couches as well as a large TV. Looks like we will get to watch the World Cup! (We have become addicts – especially since Mike has a classmate from almost every country that was playing.) Turn back towards the front door and you will see on your left the stairs that take you up to the bedrooms. At the top of the steps there is another large sitting room that has five doors off of it. Behind door number one: Timothy Ojo’s room. A king size bed, personal refrigerator, television, desk and private bathroom. The room is huge! In fact, you could fit almost Mike’s and my Oxford flat into that space. Behind door number two: Our room. Actually it is the mirror image of room #1. Who says I won’t be going for runs while I am here, I will just take jogs around my bedroom. Door #3 & #4 are mirror rooms to each other. Lijun and Jayne will be in those rooms and door number five is their shared bathroom. These rooms are a bit smaller with double beds, tv’s, refrigerators and desks. Not sure what tomorrow (or today for that matter) will bring. More adventure, I am sure. I will try to get some pictures out as soon as possible. For me, I will only have access to internet every few days, as I will need to come into the office to get online. For Mike, you may hear from him a bit more, but with working 12 hour days, he will definitely be very, very busy. A plus note for me, a Canadian man named Robert who works at the bank, mentioned his girl friend has just arrived and their place has a pool…I have been invited to spend my days there as he says it is a much nicer place with more amenities. I didn’t want to be rude, so I agreed to spend the day there. J Well, off to try to get cell phones worked out. Mike and I are definitely in for an adventure while we are here. We are excited to see what each day will bring. Love you all. Cheers, Kelly Marie McFadden

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