I think Twitter is onto something. You sign up and anytime you update (send an SMS) it updates your friends and the website (if you're comments are public). In some aspects this is just an easy way to send out a text to many. Do I care what my friends are doing? Do I want to get a text message anytime a friend sends out a note? Maybe. Maybe not. But maybe the potential isn't in the updating but rather the ability to get texts (and pictures from cell phones) on a website immediately. Imagine if you text and it appears on your MySpace page or personal website. Or what if I took a picture from cell phone and then sent and it uploaded to my site with a message. Now we're talking about cool. I'm not a programmer but I'm guessing it isn't too hard. I'm not sure though. I might send them a little note. I did notice that the founders have quite a good track record. I'm sure we'll be reading about this company soon.

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Ricky said...

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