Body Scans and Green Juice

As late 20-somethings, Kelly and I are often asking ourselves, "are we getting old?" The question is typically answered with a "no way" but just last night we had a sign. We were down in La Quinta (near Palm Desert) for the holiday week between Christmas and New Years. My dad and Mary Ann, Bob and Jean Campbell, and Kelly and I were all down enjoying some golf and relaxation. It was a nice treat from all the hussle and bussle that tends to build up around the holidays. Anyway, last night Kelly and I turned to each other and laughed. Bob, my dad, and Mary Ann were in a deep conversation regarding body scans and their importance. By no means do Kelly and I underestimate the significance of a body scan but just the fact that this was a major topic of conversation made us laugh. Of course this was only 5 hours after a deep discussion on 100% juice and how we all need our green juice. For some of our consistent readers you might ask, "are you making fun of your parents on your blog?" and the answer is sure. Fortunately for us the probability of our parents finding this on the internet much less reading it is near to nil (with the exception of Fran who wouldn't tell anyone :-). But just in case, we have added some links that might be of use for the Body Scan and Green Juice crowd. Enjoy: Body Scans Now for the Green Juice Fans:

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And here is the WIki on body scans.