A lesson from Bobby Knight?

So I can't say I've learned much from Bobby Knight, although one of my favorite moments in junior basketall can be attributed to him. My coach in 7th grade threw a chair across the court and was ejected - shocking but brilliant. I'm sure Coach Knight was a postitive influence to many players, fans, coaches, etc. I just wasn't following close enough attention. That being said, today I read a note from Mark Cuban's blog that is quite profound:
But thats not really what I appreciate most about you (referring to the NCAA win record). When I was at Indiana you were on 60 Minutes. In your interview you said one single thing that I took to heart. I reminded myself of it while it was in school at Indiana. I reminded myself of it when I failed. I reminded myself of it before any of the many businesses I have started I will continue to remind myself before any of my endeavors going forward. Its also the best advice I've been able to give people of any age who ask me for advice. Its also the characteristic I look for when choosing a partner or hiring. I saw it in Avery Johnson. Ive seen it in Phil Garvin. It was obvious in Todd Wagner and Martin Woodall and many, many others that have put me in a position to succeed. You said, and Im paraphrasing: "Everyone has got the will to win, its only those with the will to prepare that do win" Words for every athlete and those of us who partake in the Sport of Business to live by Thanks Coach.
Mark Cuban's Post I need to write it out myself: Everyone has the will to win, it's only those with the will to prepare that do win.

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