3 years and counting: Wedding Anniversary

As of January 31, 2007 at 6pm PST, Kelly and I have logged 3 years of marriage. Granted that's not quite 60 but we're 1/20th of the way to that milestone. We're going to celebrate by getting away and taking a trip to Santa Barbara. To see some picts from the wedding day see the slideshow below: As far as our plans, thanks to the Santa Barbara Car Free program, I decided to book our transportation via Amtrak. If we're going to be able to celebrate 60 years we better consider the environment with some of our decisions. Give us a break - we met in Boulder, we should be a little green :-) As far as accomodations, I booked our place through the most visited online vacation rental website, vrbo.com. Of course by next year I hope to booking through another online vehicle. That being said, I did find a great spot. It wasn't painfree though, I did have to write a check (vrbo doesn't offer online transactions). This is the first check I've written in over a year.

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