Miracles In Motion Retreat

We just finished the MIM retreat this weekend. It's the annual retreat where many of the families that live at the motel come up to a mountian getaway. Kelly and a number of volunteers organize the event and it was a blast. There was around 90 people that came up in our group to Forest Home (near Big Bear in California). I think the greatest aspect of this retreat is the "family" feel. Moms, dads, kids, kids with kids, teens, grandparents are there -- everyone in the family shows up. There are volunteer families and people who work at Mariners Church ... it's a giant melting pot of people with so many needs. My highlight was connecting with the high school guys & girls. We played basketball outside and many of them who are normally very reserved and seem very sad, broke out of their shell. It was great to see them having fun and screwing around. A glimpse of joy. That night 2 of the guys and 2 of the girls made the decision to follow Christ. It was powerful to see these 16 year olds tear up and ask for forgiveness and make a decision to change their life. I hope to come to another MIM retreat in the future. -Mike

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