This last year and a half

We've had a great time in California this last year. Quite honestly, I didn't think I'd like it as much as I have. In fact, I could see coming back. We've had a wonderful time in the OC. We've been plugged into Mariners Church -- and Kelly has been working there for the last 18 months. Kelly is the Director of Miracles in Motion and it's been such a blessing. In addition to her work, we've been very blessed to serve in the college ministry ... truly amazing. The students are awesome -- seeking truth in their lives and it's just so humbling to be around. We've even had a great time serving with the college pastor, Erin Kerr :-) Kerr is great. He is a great friend, a wise man, and an all around fun guy. If you're in So Cal look him up. That's all for today.

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