Great few days

The last days have been great. As you can see from our photos at www.mcfaddenplace.com we've had a blast. Today I played my first round of golf ... all documented on my golf link. It reminded me of playing golf as a kid. I rode my bike to the course and played as a single. As I rode up the hill I wondered if any PGA tour guys have ever done that. Kelly has done a great job with our place. She's added some color around and is brainstorming how to add a little more life to the living room. All in all the flat is wonderful. We ate at the Eagle and Child tonight. It's the pub CS Lewis and JRR Toilken used to meet and discuss. It's a neat place and you can feel the history there. They also serve fabulous fish and chips. Truly fantastic. That's all for now. Cheers.

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Alex said...

I am glad to see that your priorities haven't changed. Drink a lot of pints for me. I sure love that English beer.

Alex and Jen