Ireland Trip

Kelly and I were supose to meet my dad and Mary Ann in Ireland this weekend. Unfortunately they weren't able to make it because my dad got pretty sick. Fortunately Kelly and I brought our golf clubs and hit the links. We ended up playing 4 rounds in 5 days.

Here's one picture from Enniscrone Golf Course. It looks nice out, but this is hole 15. For the first 5 holes we were poured on with winds varying between 15 and 30mph. It was crazy.

We played Enniscrone, Rosses Point (County Sligo), Donegal (Murvaugh), and Carrick on Shannon. All 4 beautiful courses. 3 of which have been in the top 100 courses in the world.

Side note, at County Sligo -- the wettest and windiest of the 4 rounds - I went Driver, PW on a 500 yard hole. About 45 minutes later on a par 4 I went Driver, 3W, 6 Iron and still only made it to the front of the green.

Truly remarkable. And an unforgettable experience.

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