Official Classes Start Tomorrow

We had a week of orientation, college inductions, and the Freshers Fair last week. It was a great week topped off by a social gathering last night that began at "The Living Room" and ended at Keble College's bop. I'll make sure to add some photos soon. Last week was a blast. The school has the early-term buzz -- students are hitting the books, people are setting up computers, the library is packed yet everyone is still pretty relaxed. I'm sure all that will change soon. We've been warned that the Michaelmas Term is ridiculously busy. But that won't stop my attempt to play on the golf team or be involved in the Private Equity Network (www.oxpen.org), the Marketing Network, and the Entreprenuership Network. All that being said, I better get reading. I have Mangerial Economics tomorrow and Financial Reporting and Decision Science on Tuesday. Cheers, Michael

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