Kelly in Wonderland

I will not steal Alice's story from Oxford. No tea parties with the Mad Hatter, no Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb, no Cheshire cat, but the adventure I will have. Unmistakably Oxford is a place of adventures and imagination. I can't leave my door without getting caught up in the majesty of the looming spires, the green of the country paths, or the rich history of the cobblestone paths and Colleges. Each turn, each pathway leads to a new surprise. It is no surprise that Lewis Carroll considered this place a "wonderland." For that is what Oxford is. For if "wonderland" is to be defined as "a place where wonderful things happen or exist," then I say that defines Oxford perfectly. Oxford is truly a place of marvelous things. As I venture out into the city or take a run along the River Thames, I am overwhelmed with my own blessings. I leave you with good cheer and a promise of more to come from Kelly's Adventures in Wonderland. --Kelly

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Joe said...

Great blog...keep up the poetic passages; they are much appreciated.