Uncle George in hospital

We got very bad news regarding Kelly's Uncle George last week. He and his wife (Jan) were traveling through Italy and he got really sick. Kelly's cousin Jen sent us this e-mail: Dated 13 October, 2005 Please take a moment today to pray for my Dad. He has been hospitalized in Rome, Italy (there on vacation) for a severe case of the flu and back pain. He hasn't eaten for over four days and is in terrible shape -- apparently now he is in such agonizing pain with the arthritis in his wrists that he can hardly speak. The American embassy is going to send an American doctor to see him soon -- my mother is alone there and it has been very difficult to communicate with the people and she cannot convince the doctors to let him get up and walk around -- which is of great concern, lest he get a blood clot since he has been without his heart medication for a few days. After we found out he wasn't recovering quickly, Kelly flew down to Rome. She left on Saturday the 15th and is just coming home today. She's been down with Jan and George. George is doing better but it's going to be a process for recovery. Jen and Greg (Jan and George's kids) just got to Rome yesterday so Kelly will come home tonight. Keep the family in your prayers. It's been an emotionally tough time for everyone since there are so many unknowns. Thanks, Michael

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