Uncle George Update

I just spent a week in Rome helping my aunt. It was a rough week of uncertainty and emotions. I felt so blessed to be so close to be able to be in Rome within 24 hours of hearing my Uncle was in the hospital. Our days were spent receiving updates from doctors, helping my Uncle receive water and eat, and praying. Aunt Fanny and I made the goal to just get through each day. As of now, my Uncle remains day to day. He is in critical condition as the doctors (who are very good) use antibiotics to fight his infections. (Please see email below my cousin Valencia sent out regarding his condition.) Thank you thank you to all of you who prayed for myself and my family. We ask that you continue to do so, as my uncle remains in the hospital. --Kelly Hi everyone, We heard some updated news this morning on George. The results of the cultures are now back and he has staphylococcus aureus growing from his blood causing sepsis and from his cerebrospinal fluid causing meningitis. He does not have pneumococcal meningitis, that was a preliminary result. He is receiving the appropriate treatment of 3 antibiotics until they know which antibiotic will work against the staph aureus. He does not have any other complications at this point and his blood pressure and breathing are stable. He is no longer confused, but is in a lot of pain that the doctors are working on. The hospital he is in is a good one (Ospedale Spallanzoni) – it is private and university based, so they have the latest in treatment and technology. But he is in serious condition and we do not know yet about his prognosis. Continue to pray for George’s speedy recovery, that his body fights off his infections, that no complications arise, and that Jan continues to stay strong.

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