Uncle George Update 10/25

Here is the latest email from my Aunt concerning my Uncle. My mom has just arrived in Italy (10/26) to be a support to them both. Our family continues to wait and pray... Dear Friends and Family,Thank you so much for all of your kind emails, thoughts, and prayers regarding George's condition. Please understand that at this time it is impossible for me to respond to each one of you personally.At this time, George remains stable, but in critical condition. He has meningitis and sepsis caused by staphylococcus aureus, the origin of which is two abscesses in the lumbar region of his spine. While the antibiotics are working successfully to treat the meningitis and sepsis, the abscesses are more difficult to treat and require long-term antibiotic therapy with a small possibility of surgical intervention. We are diligently working with doctors at UCLA & UCSD in coordinating George's care and return home.My niece, Kelly McFadden, who currently resides in Oxford with her husband, arrived at a most critical time and helped me immensely with logistical details. Our children Jennifer and Greg have been with me for the last five days and have been immensely helpful in communicating with doctors as we've grappled with these diseases and their course of care. Having them here has given George hope for his recovery and has comforted me beyond words. Jennifer's command of the Italian language and aggressiveness combined with her charm has been vital to communicating with doctors and nurses to ensure George is getting the very best of care. Greg has also been vital in communicating with Valencia, his wife, who is a doctor and who is diligently monitoring George's day-by-day condition and coordinating with medical professionals in the States. She is also working with Kristen Campbell, my niece who is a nurse at UCLA, on getting George home - a top priority for us and a day we are anxiously awaiting. In regards to me, thanks to my precious children, I have moved to a hotel closer to the hospital in a safe area, with many English-speaking people around me. Jen & Greg have made sure that doctors, nurses, friends of doctors and nurses, the security guards, hotel personnel, and even the local cafe owners will ALL be watching out for me.But don't worry, I'm not alone. While the kids leave Monday, my sister Jean is coming to stay with me for a week, followed by Evelyn, Greg's sister-in-law, who is a nurse, and if necessary, Kristen from UCLA will stay out the duration until we get him home! Love and miss you. Can't wait to see you.-Jan

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Greg Porter said...

Kelly, thanks for posting Mom's letter, but more than that thank you for your flying to Italy to help Mom negotiate the early days of my parent's difficult time in Rome. You are a natural when it comes to helping people and making a difference.

We have arranged an air ambulance to transport Mom and Dad home; if all goes as planned he will be at UCSD Medical Center by late Monday night.

Please pray for Dad's safe return and recovery.