Kelly in California

Wanted to let you know...although I am sure you already do - that I made it on the direct flight (LHR - LAX). Yae! I was the last one let on, but I was on and in business class no less. I only had one scare when I was asked to change seats. Thought they were going to move me back to economy. I was ready to fight for my full reclining chair and my Mimosa. However, I was just moved a few rows forward in business class to switch with a man who's audio/video was broken. No TV for me, but who needed it?! Plus they sent me home with a bottle of wine for the inconvenience. I think my seat was more comfortable than my bed in Oxford! Plus with the delicious food, wine, snacks, United socks & vanity kit, my book and reading lamp, I was set for the journey. I wanted to take a picture so I would never forget, but alas Mike has taken so many rainy golf pictures our digital camera is on the blink. But the experience is now etched in my memory. I know one day I will have to go back to economy, but I will never forget the greatest flight of my life. Kelly Mc

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