Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Friends - Although I was not in the states, I was still able to enjoy one of my favorite holidays! THANKSGIVING. We ate turkey, mashed potatoes...the whole deal. We sat around for hours talking, laughing and lo and behold, we were able to watch the Bronco game...for which Mike was thrilled. As we sat around and shared what we were most thankful for this year, my answer was technology. Strange, I know. But during a year when Mike and I are so far from home, it is amazing to be able to stay in touch with friends and family! I love it. I love your emails, calls, pictures and notes that allow me to have a piece of you with me wherever we go! Mike and I have been loving our adventures in Oxford. We feel blessed beyond belief at the people we have met and the things we have been able to do. Mike is about to really hit a busy season with finals coming up, but then we will be taking a much needed break to the slopes of Davos, Switzerland. We can't wait to hit the slopes! You can keep up to date on all we are doing through www.mcfaddenplace.com. Hugs to you all this holiday. Hope it was wonderful for you. And please see below the latest reason the McFadden/Campbell family is thankful. Uncle George has been taken out of the ICU. Although there is a long road left, we have taken a step in the right direction. Love, Kelly Mc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: George Porter Update Dear Friends and Family, Happy Thanksgiving! We certainly have much to be thankful for -- namely, that George has shown marked improvement over the past two weeks to the point that he has left the ICU for an intermediate care room. He is now on track to be moved out of the hospital and to a physical rehab facility in North County. He is very aware of his situation and maintains his trademark positive attitude and a desire to get well. We also give thanks to all of you -- for your support, kind words, thoughts and prayers for our family -- it has meant more to us than you could ever know. Be assured that your many phone calls, e-mails and letters have been appreciated, even if we have not been able respond to each one of you personally. Please continue to pray that the antibiotics and his immune system destroy this infection and allow him to heal. With his continually positive attitude and all the love and prayers from you, we believe all things are possible. The origin of Thanksgiving is giving thanks for abundant blessings in our lives -- and even in the midst of trial, we have so much to be thankful for -- our family has never been closer, our friends have never seemed more valuable, and our love has never been so strong. We give thanks to God for these blessings, and look forward to seeing the rainbow on the other side of the storm. Love, Jan, Greg and Jenny p.s. eat double the turkey this year for George -- he likes the dark meat with lots of gravy. p.p.s. laughter still remains to be the best medicine (50 times more powerful than morphine!) -- so if anyone has a good joke for George, send it our way and we'll read it to him -- he would love it!

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