Life's Road Map...

As some of you know I write devotionals for HomeWord.com. This one felt as if it fit in with this page, so I thought I would post it here... Life's Road Map "Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. I am a stranger on earth; do not hide your commands from me." — Psalm 119:18-19 With bus routes, maps, directions in hand, we were ready to go to England. We stepped off the plane in Heathrow and joined the crowd moving towards customs. The signs then sent us to platform B to rent our car. It was easy. Everything was exactly where the signs pointed, bags arrived and we were off. We were out of the airport within 30 minutes of landing. We hopped into our rental car and were on our way. Since we were in England, a sign on the dashboard pointed to the left reminding us what side of the road to drive on. We followed the red highway line straight from London to Oxford. From there, we sought out the well-marked signs and route markers to navigate through the city, arriving at our final destination. We made it easily. I can’t imagine what our travels would have been like if my husband and I had ignored the map or street signs. It probably would have taken us twice as long to arrive, or perhaps we would have given up looking and stayed where we were. It surprises me that there are times I don’t ask for directions or carry a map when I am traveling. There is wisdom found from following a route guide and knowing which way to turn. If I can have this understanding with something as simple as traveling to a new city, why do I often ignore the road map for my life? Sometimes I forget I am a stranger in this world. As Christians, our home is the Kingdom of God. God gives us a wonderful gift of the Bible to act as a road map through our journey of life. The Bible points out the best route to take during our life travels, helping us avoid bumps, bruises, and obstacles along the way. The first step to using this map is to admit you need one. Like the psalmist realized, we are strangers in this land. Without our map, the Bible, we are destined to wander aimlessly and possibly miss the great destination the Lord has for us. If we use the Bible as our guide, we will be headed in the right direction with assurance of where we are going and a life God wants for us. A life filled with the fruit of the Spirit and with fulfillment. A life that leads you to experience all God has offered.

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