This Just In: Mike's a Blue!

Mike has been selected as a team member for the Varsity Golf Match against Cambridge in March. “What does this mean?” you ask. I will tell you. For hundreds of years Oxford and Cambridge have been competing against each other in a variety of sports. This match is called the Varsity Match. This is the only match where a student of Oxford can obtain the highly coveted BLUE. With it comes honor, prestige and a very cool blue jacket. J Mike will be fitted today. And yes, I will post a picture of him in it soon. This years match will be held in Muirfield http://www.muirfield.org.uk/ one of the most well known golf courses in the world. If you happen to be in Scotland around the 24th of match please let us know. I am super excited for Mike and very proud of him. I am amazed at how he manages to do so much and do it all so well (cue sappy music). Sorry, had to take a proud wife moment.

Kelly Mc

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