Another Cool Moment...

We found out last week that Mike was selected by his class to speak at the farewell dinner in September for the Oxford MBA class of 2006. This is a really neat honor as Mike was nominated and then voted by his classmates to be their representative at this special event. Jessica Shortall, a good friend of ours, was also asked to share. I am really excited for both of them and know they will do a great job!

On a different note, Mike is busy preparing for finals and the varsity Match against Cambridge coming up in a few weeks. Joining us at Muirfield will be Joe Goebel - friend from Cali, Dave Runyon - a man that needs no introduction, and many other friends from SBS. After the tournament Mike will play a few more rounds with Dave and the guys and I have the opportunity to be at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford that week. I am really looking forward to this event as social entrepreneurs from all over the world will gather to listen to incredible speakers. It is quite an opportunity.

More soon, Kelly M Picture above from Mike's Matriculation in October

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