I got the opportunity to visit a friend of ours, Kyla, in Spain. She is staying in Granada for a few months studying Spanish. Granada was a wonderful city. It is one of the only city's in Spain to offer free Tapas at their bars when you come in for a drink. I really enjoyed getting to try all sorts of different delicious appetizers! We did manage to enjoy some of their other main cuisine as well. Paella a traditional rice and meet dish, as well as Tortilla Espanola - the Spanish Omelet made from egg and potato. In this picture, Kyla's host mother cooked us some home made Paella with vegetables, meet and some sea food. It was really good! On Sunday morning, we headed to the coast. We stayed in a small town called Nerja. How were we to know it was mostly a British touring town! It was lovely and we felt we were having both a Spanish and British experience all at once. It was a gorgeous day and we both went to bed that night sun kissed...which after living in England does not happen too often. We did cheat a bit and ate Mexican food that night. Of course, we are still unsure if you can count curry tacos as Mexican - but the sign said it was authentic! On Monday we traveled from the beach to the mountains! We went to Ronda. It was a wonderful mountain town. It was nestled in a wide valley in the mountains and seperating old from new town was a gorge. The main bridge that connects the two took 40 years to build! I personally liked the small bridge near the bottom of the gorge: San Miguel. I was told once that meant "good looking Michael." Not sure if the spaniards agree. Kyla and I spent all day Tuesday hiking and enjoying the outdoors before heading back to Grananda. Our last day in Granada we got to see La Alhambra. It is amazing and right now nominated to be one of the new 7 wonders of the world. I would vote for it in a heart beat! The architecture comes from a variety of centuries and rulers who all added their own personal touch, making it a mosaic of culture and time. After that I came back to Oxford. It was a great trip. I am so thankful to Kyla for taking the time to show me her wonderful city and share her adventure with me.

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