Weekend 1: A necessary break

Well, we have made it through our first week in Lagos, Nigeria. Here is a bit more of a glance at our time here so far. The first picture you see on the left is a picture of the pool where I spend quite a bit of my time. As I mentioned before, I am able to go to one of Mike's coworkers home each day and enjoy their pool, gym and internet for which I am eternally grateful. Think I would have gone stir crazy by now without their generosity. Lagos is not a "walk around" city for lack of a better expression. Mike and I have been plucked from the world of walk everywhere England, to drive everywhere Lagos. And without a downtown type area, there are not really any places to drive to. Next a picture of what Mike and I call Nigerian Frogger. A part of the reason there are not very many shops to go to is because you can buy just about anything and everything as you drive along the road. The route onto Victoria Bridge is one place where there are always tons of people walking through the traffic selling goods. You can buy bread, fruit, nuts, clocks, phone cards, dvds, watches, sunglasses, etc. Probably our favorite thing we have seen for sale so far was a tripod. It is unreal. We are planning on going to one of the markets this weekend. So we'll see what we find there, but I have a feeling it is more of the same. This next picture is from our night out on Friday. We were taken out by Gebode (spelling probably not correct). First we went to The Gallaria which housed a movie theater, book and music store, restaurants and a bar. We grab a drink at the sports bar and then headed to go dancing. We ended up at a place that is a chinese restaurant by day and a club by night. It was very nice and we saw quite a few other expats there. After that we headed to Ynot. That is what the picture is of. Mike played pool with a guy for about an hour. They just kept playing and trading off who was winning. It was fun to watch. But we decided to call it a night after that. We were escorted to our car and patient Ola took us home from there. We were planning on hitting some markets and such on Sunday, but have now learned that everyone goes to church on Sunday and most things are closed. Goal for this next weekend: do fun things on Saturday, go to church and beach on Sunday. Last I wanted to introduce you to our first big bug. We knew they were coming. Mike fought against (and won) this gigantic cockroach. It was in our bathroom. My hero. We will have more updates later this week. Mike was in the capitol, Abuja. He said it is totally different. He arrives home late tonight. I can't wait to see him! Hugs to you all from Nigeria.

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moy moy said...

Kelly! Thanks for your descriptions of Nigeria so far! It is great to read and see the pictures while it's going on! I will be eagerly anticipating many more fun stories along the way =)