Weekend 2: Live Performance

Well, you may be wondering why the blog's I write are titled based on the weekends. The answer to that is simple, there is not much going on during the week. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Mike and his SCP group do not get home until after 8 or 8:30. Two things happen then, we sit down and have dinner (I have cooked for the group and so has Lijun and Emanuel - our friend and helper) and the drivers need to get home. So unless we are buying some groceries, for the most part we are in the Guest House by 8:30 on weekdays. So that brings us to our second weekend. Friday night we headed out with Gebode, again. He has now been our WONDERFUL host two weekends in a row. He is really nice, and super fun. He also seems to know everyone everywhere and is never at a loss for things to do. Here he is pictured with Lijun, Jayne and myself. Next is a picture from the outside of the National Theater on the Lagos mainland. We fought through unbelievable traffic on Saturday trying to get to the crafts area near the theater. Turns out it is closed on Saturdays. Ooops. So we went across the street and walked through a small history museum in the theater. It was neat to learn a bit about the history of Nigeria although it was a bit hard to hear, because there was a wedding going on right below us. The Nigerian's really know how to throw a party! The picture next to it is from the bridge heading back to Lagos Island. I know I have shared before about how people sell things on the street, but this was truly unique. In this case, the bridge was almost closed down because there were so many people walking over it selling there goods (fruit to cleaning supplies to baskets, etc.) In one spot, a van had parked and was selling out of the back of their car. It felt like LA traffic...it took 45 minutes to move a mile. That's right. Mike got his haircut on Saturday when we got back. I know Mike will share more about his experience soon, so be sure to check the website and blog later. We stopped at the Eko Hotel to look at crafts (Mike and I had actually been there earlier playing tennis. Much like Wimbledon we got rained out. But we were glad to be outside.) The Eko Hotel is the only 5 star hotel in Lagos, although there are rumors of a Hyatt coming soon. Later that night we ate with Robert and Wei (the amazing couple that lets me come to their home each day to be on the internet and swim) at a Thai restaurant. It was delicious! Probably my favorite meal since we have been here. After we ate, we went to the popular club "Thistle" on Victoria Island. There was a band their energy was contagious. Definitely my favorite club that we playing. The music was awesome. The guys were jamming and have been to. Sunday was also jam packed. We headed off on an adventure to find the Lekki Art Mart. Instead of finding that, we (from left to right: Dele - our new friend and driver, Jayne, Lijun, & us) ended up at the Lekki Nature Reserve. I had read about it and knew that we would have the chance to see monkeys and alligators. We were excited for our adventure and not sure what to expect. What we did see was snakes (ew!), crabs, birds and lizards. And there is proof on all of our ankles that there were plenty of mosquitoes there too. One of the highlights was the tree house. We got to sit up in the canopy of a tree and look out. It felt like the Swiss family Robinson. That's me climbing up the steps of the ladder. The other picture is of Mike on the boardwalk that takes you through the swamp. There were some parts of it that need a little work done. Although we were a bitten a bit, we are still glad to have been able to walk around without hearing the sound of horns. Definitely worth the walk and the N300 it cost us (roughly $2.50). The last thing we did on Sunday was visit Terra Kulture. It is located close to where we live. We went to see a live performance by a local group that really captured the essence of old Nigeria and the more modern world. The performances were full of energy and we loved seeing the show. This was a definite highlight of our time in Lagos. Well, I think that is about all to report. Week 3 has begun and Mike is back to the grind. It is hard to believe I am only here for two more weeks. Guess I will continue to make the most of it and the most of our weekends! Hugs to everyone back home. Kelly

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