Weekend 3: The Beach!

This last week was filled with some ups and downs. As with anything when you are working hard and abroad, the middle weeks can be the toughest. The long hours start to get to you, you miss the food you are used to and the adventurous spirit that brought you where you are isn't quite as amped as before. For the most part, Nigeria has been wonderful. The people are kind and welcoming (except during traffic, but, hey, same as LA right? Traffic can make the nicest person an animal.) Of course, we made it through the week, with the team working from early in the morning until late. I decided to mix things up a bit and spent a day at Terra Kulture enjoying the cafe and took another day to meet Mike for lunch. Mike and I also got a chance to see Superman one night after work and it was nice to get out and about just the two of us. But as with anyone working hard, it is the weekend that you most look forward to. And this weekend, we definitely enjoyed ourselves. Friday night we headed out to a newer place called "Soul Lounge." We enjoyed ourselves at this trendy stop with friends from the Access office and a visit from Mike's classmate Dapo (shown right with Jayne). Saturday morning, Mike and I got up early and headed to a local cafe that we had found. We sat for a few hours sipping on coffee for him and a fruit smoothie for me. We played backgammon and chatted. It was a wonderful way to start the day. From there, we walked home and then hopped in the car and headed to Oba Elegushi Market (pictured on the far right). It is a local crafts market with tons of African souvenirs. We had fun poking around and even bought a few mementos to take home. We spent the late afternoon lounging around watching the British Open, felt like home, before heading out for dinner and then meeting up with some friends for an Ice Cream at Chocolat Royal - the same stop we had had breakfast at that morning. The picture on the right is of some local kids playing football in the street on our way to breakfast. I love that they are using old tires for goals! But the true highlight of the weekend was Sunday. Up early and at church at 8, we met some locals and joined them for Sunday School at a church just a block away. Sadly we had to leave early as we had made plans to go on an excursion to the beach. But what a day it was. It was our first day since we have been here that had more sunshine than clouds. After taking a 30 minute boat ride, we spent the day on lounge chairs listening to the waves crash a few feet away. At 1, we were called into lunch and enjoyed a delicious Nigerian meal with both surf and turf and sipped on ice cold cokes. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing volleyball, ping pong, swimming and Mike even got into a football game with some of the local children and other tourists who were with our group. Mike and I are a bit red today but we couldn't be happier! It was a relaxing and wonderful day. Besides our group and the locals, there were only a few others on this island beach. It was remote and wonderful to be away from the honking and sirens that are non-stop all over this city. We feel refreshed and renewed for the rest of our adventure. So now it is Monday. Mike is back to work, and I am working on my talks for YSSC, writing my monthly devotionals and getting a swim in a few days a week. I only have one more week left to be here, so I will make the most of it and be sure to do one last update before I leave next week.

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