Jayne Thorpe Update

  Some claim Nigeria beat Jayne, others say the mosquitos were just too persistent, either way the fact remains Jayne Thorpe had to be admitted to the local hospital. After a week's battle with Malaria the pain and headaches never ceased. So for 3 days and 2 nights Jayne was under observation at the Reddington Hospital. It's still not clear whether she had malaria, typhoid or some other sickness but she's fine now. In fact, she was well enough to put in two 12 hour days on the final report so that we could finish before we left Nigeria. Jayne is a trooper. And to all the folks at Access Bank: thanks for your thoughts, prayers and visits. It was very heart warming to know that 10+ people from Access Bank (including the MD/CEO Aig) stopped by to see how Jayne was doing. Welcome back to England Jayne. Posted by Picasa

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