Google vs. Yahoo

It's not an easy choice. Since 1999, I've been a yahoo guy and over the last year I've been 'testing' google. I will break it down like a pre-game analysis based on my own personal experiences:
  • E-mail funcationality (Advantage Google)
  • E-mail loyalty (Advantage Yahoo!)
  • Webhosting (Advantage Yahoo!)
  • Search (Adv Google)
  • Personal page. i.e., My Yahoo!, Personalized Page (Adv Google)
  • Fantasy Sports (Adv Yahoo!)
  • News (Adv Yahoo!)
  • Finance (Adv Yahoo!)
  • Overall style (Adv Google)
  • Content (Adv Yahoo!)
So based on my current metrics (unweighted) Yahoo! is leading 6 to 4. However, based on current new products being produced by Google (like google documents, spreadsheets) as well as recent acquisitions like YouTube, Blogger, Picasa and many more Google gets an additional 2 points for movement. So based on mcfaddenplace.com's super computer we have a tie. We'll see what happens but I'll tell you I am torn. I like both but especially in terms of e-mail and personal pages it's not feasible to think I'll maintain both. I'll try to post more on this subject in later posts. In the meantime here's an interesting note: The new Yahoo Photos has the right mix of features and ease of use | News.blog | CNET News.com

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