Drive home from Yahoo! Music

Yesterday on my way home to Orange County from a lunch meeting at Yahoo! Music, in Santa Monica, I decided to count how many times I changed the radio the station in search the music I felt like listening to. I lost count after 20 switches -- and that was before I had made it to the Rosecrans exit -- less than 15 miles away. Granted my ADD might have something to do with this but I'd like to think there might be something wrong with the current stations and how they are organized. First off, I've been gone for a year and can't remember what each station plays so I'm forced to use the dreaded scan button in hopes that a song is playing (which I might is very difficult. At one point I think I had a streak of 10 stations without music. Could you imagine if you had to go to 10 restaurants before you could get served??). Music provider problems: - getting the product to the customer with the least amount of hassle (distribution) Listner problems for music providers: - not many listeners know exactly what they want anyway (unusual behavior) - ADD is truly an issue

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